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About Yalp



The name YALP is PLAY in reverse. Yalp creates sport and play areas that fit the philosophy of a new way to play. With equipment that fit the needs and desires of present day.

The world is constantly evolving. Children and adults of today are used to smart phones, tablets and computers. The way kids experience and demand of outdoor play these days is hugely different from how it used to be. Interactive playsets combine the positive aspects of video games (excitement, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and creativity, sharing the joy of competition) with the positive aspects of outdoor play (being outdoors, exercise, pushing limits and the development of social skills). The Yalp interactive playsets combine “the best of both worlds” into one. Visit our website - https://www.yalpinteractive.com


The interactives are developed to withstand the tough conditions outdoors, according to EN 1176: 2008. All elektronic components are housed in a solid steel or concrete construction. More than 300 installed interactives show that a computer in the public space is not a problem at al and that the products developed by Yalp are certainly vandalism proof. Examples are the Sutu Football wall at the Newtonplein in the Hague and the Fono Dj booth at Bijlmerpark in Amsterdam. 


We have designed every detail to withstand every weather and usage condition. The product is made of high quality materials. All products have passed the vandalism tests with great success. For example, the impact resistance (1,000 × 50 kg), resistance at temperature differences (-35 ° C. to + 85 ° C.) and the resistance to shocks were successfully tested. We are convinced of the quality of our products, therefore every product comes with a 5 year warranty and service licence.



Under this Warranty (“Warranty”) YALP warrants to the rst and original end-purchaser (“Customer”), of the Yalp interactive (“Product”), that such Product shall be free from material Defects for a period of ve (5) years, or such longer period as mutually be agreed upon in writing, as of the date of purchase. In addition we offer a 10 year warranty period from the original purchase date for stainless steel or aluminium parts, hot dip galvanized parts, powder coated steel and high pressure laminate (HPL). 

“Defect” as used in this Warranty means a manufacturing or a design defect that materially impinges on the use of the Product and which is solely attributable to YALP and that was not detectible at the time of delivery of the Product or part of the Product.



(1) Customer has completed and returned a Yalp Product and Warranty Registration to Yalp, and Customer maintains a valid and active Yalp warranty service account.

(2)The Product has been used by Customer for its intended use only, as described in the manual of the Product (the “Manual”).

(3) Product maintenance has been performed and documented, as set forth in the Manual. 

(4) Customer strictly complies with all obligations set forth herein.